Considering spiders are not the most popular creature it's amazing what that are capable of creating.   I love to photograph spiderwebs. Something about the slightly disorganised order and the

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Catching waves


  There is something very dramatic about capturing waves on camera, especially during sunset.  It seems I was not the only one trying to photograph and catch the wonderful moment

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music and photos


The other day I had the pleasure to photograph talented  musician Daniel Hoffman.  Here are just a small selection of photographs from the session.

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Looking at or away from the camera


After this particular portrait session I started thinking about whether I prefer the subject looking at or away from the camera.  I concluded that  there is something nice about both.

Looking at or away from the camera 2018-04-05T14:13:18+00:00

Portraits at midday


On a sunny day in spring, I would not ideally choose to do a portrait session at noon. However often there is no choice and we can't always pick the

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I love taking photographs in spring!  Everything looks more colourful, the winter is finally over and the days are getting longer.

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Thoughts on street fashion


On Monday Elana Shap, Style Coach and I headed off to the Noga area to see who we could find to interview and photograph for our monthly Jpost fashion article.

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Holiday fun


Together with Style coach Elana Shap (www.stylecoaching.co.il) I spent the morning photographing this lovely couple who were visiting from Germany. Rather than buying each other a christmas gift, Jan and Vanessa

Holiday fun 2018-04-05T14:13:19+00:00
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