Molecular photography


One of the great things about being a photographer is that not only do you get to capture beautiful moments but you get to experience so many different situations in

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Considering spiders are not the most popular creature it's amazing what that are capable of creating.   I love to photograph spiderwebs. Something about the slightly disorganised order and the


Catching waves


  There is something very dramatic about capturing waves on camera, especially during sunset.  It seems I was not the only one trying to photograph and catch the wonderful moment

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music and photos


The other day I had the pleasure to photograph talented  musician Daniel Hoffman.  Here are just a small selection of photographs from the session.

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Looking at or away from the camera


After this particular portrait session I started thinking about whether I prefer the subject looking at or away from the camera.  I concluded that  there is something nice about both.

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Portraits at midday


On a sunny day in spring, I would not ideally choose to do a portrait session at noon. However often there is no choice and we can't always pick the

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I love taking photographs in spring!  Everything looks more colourful, the winter is finally over and the days are getting longer.


Thoughts on street fashion


On Monday Elana Shap, Style Coach and I headed off to the Noga area to see who we could find to interview and photograph for our monthly Jpost fashion article.

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Holiday fun


Together with Style coach Elana Shap (www.stylecoaching.co.il) I spent the morning photographing this lovely couple who were visiting from Germany. Rather than buying each other a christmas gift, Jan and Vanessa

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Style&Shoot in Tel Aviv Wednesday 2pm Sheinkin


Style Coach, Elana Shap ( www.stylecoaching.co.il )  and I wandered the streets of Tel Aviv and this is who we found!  Photographs Natalie Muallem Text: Elana Shap     SIGAL Who could miss

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